Project Description

The research project named "B10", abbreviated from the address Bruckmannweg 10, is an Aktivhaus. Thanks to a sophisticated energy concept and a self-learning building control system the house generates twice as much energy as it actually requires itself. And that from sustainable sources. The excess energy will provide power for two electric cars and the listed house belonging to the architect Le Corbusier (home to the Weissenhof Museum since 2006). The building will be fully deconstructed at the end of the project and rebuilt elsewhere or 100% recycled. The City of Stuttgart will then return the building plot to its original state.

In a first phase interested visitors to B10 will be able to learn about the energy concept and the building technology put to use. During the second phase, two students will be allowed to live in the building free of charge. Throughout the entire life of the project the energy generated and consumed as well as a large spectrum of data highly relevant to building research will be measured continuously and scientifically evaluated at the University of Stuttgart.